Thursday, August 15, 2013

After a thoughtful musical session

When the songs won't leave your head. Resonate, resonate. Music in the soul. I just want to touch, it takes me back in time ~ oh la laa!! Inspire me another story and I write the next chapter. Live it like its the last but time never stops. Id love to hear what your heart is speaking, all this chaos and smoke wont ever shut it down. Let it sing, let it breathe, let it open up. Receive everything with a smile.

Its time people started asking questions, and our minds are capable of more than that. Stop being a zombie, look around you. We are meant for better, all of us. Stop being selfish, your descendants will thank you later. Do you love a son like you love the planet ? Why is it so easy to ignore and then cry later. An angel's love is reflected in you to discover. We need to stand together and inspire. We are a brotherhood of interconnected minds all working towards the same goal in sight. Don't you feel the world is rising up, things have to change or die. Its time the human race is about to behave, leave the egos out and stop creating the hate. You are only a fool if you think clean energy is light years away. We can fly to space and yet we cannot deliver water to driest mouths of earth. Where's the humanity in that but oil no problem. Are you going to let this happen, turn a blind eye for comfort. I just want my cup of tea and belly rubs. Forget the rest. My mind is at peace but I'm still doubtful. Its hard not to think about when they want to shove it in you. All the fear and terrorist plots by the same council of lies. They want your mind and it's control. An Awakened mind is only trouble for the ones working behind. The ones that won't let human race advance. Imagine a place without pain, without wars, how nice is that. A place we can all love each other and have compassion towards our kind. A place that can sustain life without killing it first. Change your habits, change your mind. If you haven't soon it will pass, right beside you. The moment comes in a pair of seconds, will you feel it and let it grow inside?!?

Inspire those around you, speak the truth. Its only us the ones that we are looking for. Its us the ones we've been waiting for. This note never wrote itself, I found a link to create thanks to someone else. Gather up, rise up, its time to take our Gaia back. Remove fear from your agenda, remove pain from your memories. Replace these feelings with love and laughs. It's unconditional, learn to give without expecting something back. Its about to learn the power of our own thoughts. Positive brings positive and a new tidal wave of strength is brought out. Focus on it, look inside. Believe in what you have. Multiply it by the millions and visualize the intensity you have delivered. A shock wave being delivered to the shores of the earth spreading love through every single one of you. Gain your power back! It just starts inside, realize, we need you here right now. Are you in or out, want to give it a try.


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