Friday, April 12, 2013

Back to Canada, and the party keeps going !!

Back in Canada now, will keep updating more often now that I got the internet back! I hope you enjoyed my little story about my first weeks in Colombia.. Its very nice I got to play while I was there in 3 different cities. Which were Taganga, Medellin and Bogota :) Lots of fun at these places cant wait to return and stay a little longer. Now back to Canada , A little hard to re-adjust since the weather hasn't been cooperating, but hey its Canada ! and it's weather has a mind of its own. This Weekend we are back at it with Kosmic Juice throwing an awesome techno Jam, bringing a friend from Lewiston, New York who plays some sick techno and his technique is solid!! Daha Greene!

Check out our event on facebook for more details and if you are in the Toronto Area make sure you drop by and have some fun!

Upcoming Sara Dopstar dj shows !!

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